460 Kilograms of Marijuana Narcotic Drug seized in Gradiska

The Prosecutor’s Office of Bosnia and Herzegovina, together with the Republika Srpska Ministry of the Interior and partner police and security agencies, is conducting intensive activities to locate and deprive of liberty persons connected with a large amount, or, more precisely, about 460 kilograms of the marijuana-skunk narcotic drugs, that was seized in the area of ​​Gradiška.

Given that the information collected indicate that these persons are currently outside Bosnia and Herzegovina, activities will be initiated within the framework of international cooperation to find them and extradite them to Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The seized amount of the aforementioned narcotic drugs reaches the price of more than one million euros on the illegal drug market in EU countries, and the smuggling of the said narcotic drug makes possible for large amounts of unlawful property gain to be acquired.

This is one in a series of seizures of large amounts of the marijuana-skunk narcotic drug, in quantities of hundreds of kilograms, that was carried out by the Prosecutor’s Office of Bosnia and Herzegovina and its partner police and security agencies from Bosnia and Herzegovina and countries in the region, as part of its ongoing cases.

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