454th Traditional Jumps from the Old Bridge take Place Today

Thirty-three jumpers applied to participate in the 454th traditional jumps from the Old Bridge, which will be held today in Mostar, starting at 4 p.m., BHRT reports.

A total of 19 of them will compete in the category of leg jumps, while 14 jumpers will participate in the head jumps.

The jumps this year as well, regardless of the restrictions that are in force, have an international character, because jumpers from Serbia and Montenegro will participate as well.

“Due to the pandemic and bans, this time the jumpers from Slovenia and Northern Macedonia were not able to participate, while for a long time we have not had competitors from Kosovo due to visa problems,” said the spokesman of the Mostar Jumping Club Sasa Orucevic.

Respecting the measures, only a hundred people will be able to attend the plateau under the Old Bridge during the jumps, donors and sponsors who helped the organization, as well as children attending the Jumping School.

This time, the jury will be chaired by Alica Jakirović, and it will also include Semir Drocić, Samir Zukanović, Haris Škoro and Ermin Zukanović.

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