450 Interventions during the First Day of the Peace March Nezuk Potocari

Participants of the Peace March 2021 Nezuk - Potocari arrived at the camp Liplje near Zvornik, and from where they continue in the morning towards Mravinjci near Konjevic Polje.

According to a report from the Tuzla Canton Red Cross, doctors, medical technicians and volunteers had 450 interventions during the first day.

The interventions were related to providing first aid and transporting patients - said Dr. Almir Jagodic.

Three patients were transported to the Kalesija Health Center due to loss of consciousness that occurred as a result of sunburn, while one patient was tested antigenically for the COVID-19 virus, and the result was negative.

Today, the participants will have another route of 30 kilometers, over the mountain Udrc due to very high temperatures, as meteorologists announce.

Doctors of the Red Cross of Tuzla Canton appeal to the participants to drink enough fluids, move along the marked paths, use only bottled water and rest to avoid heat stroke and injuries, Fena news agency writes.

Participants will walk the following parts: Nezuk – Baljkovica – Parlog – Crni Vrh – Snagovo – Liplje – Jošanica – Donje Kamenica – Bakrači – Glodi – Udrč – Cerska – Kaldrmica – Đugum – Mravinjci – Burnice – Kameničko Brdo – Ravni Buljim – Budak – Potocari (Memorial Center). They will walk three days, about 30 kilometers a day, on very demanding terrain.

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