44,000 Children participated in the Eighth Youth Games

The 8th BH Telecom Sports Youth Games were closed after 86 days and competitions in 34 cities in BiH, thousands of kilometres crossed, more than 44,000 participants, 19,000 played matches and five days of finals in Sarajevo.

The last medals for the best participants of this year’s Grand Finals were handed over yesterday in the Mojmilo Hall in Sarajevo. The youngest one learned about the principles of Olympism and sport through these games.

This year, the Special Olympics of BiH celebrate its jubilee, the 20thanniversary of its existence, within which BH athletes managed to win 87 medals at the Summer, Winter and European Olympic Games. This year is also special for marking the 50thanniversary of the Special Olympics in the world, and the Games held UNIFIED competitions in co-operation with the Special Olympics of BiH and with the financial support of USAID in six BH cities. They were aimed at promoting inclusive sports.

This year, a total of 430 medals were awarded and they went to Tuzla, Bihac, Kozarska Dubica, Orasje, Domaljevac, Sarajevo, Zvornik, Brcko, Zenica, East Sarajevo, Osijek, Zavidovici, Gradiska, Modrica, Gradacac, Doboj, Gornji Vakuf, Bratunac, Donji Vakuf and Capljina.

Besides the competition, the children used their free time to get to know Sarajevo and make new friends, and they beautified the streets of the capital city, created new memories and first sympathies.

This year, a team from Brcko will represent BiH on the International Finals of the Games, and they are hoping for good result in Split. The International Finals of Games in Split will take place from August 22 to August 25, and BH representatives will fight for the title of the best in the region against the children from Serbia and Croatia.

Boys and girls departed from Sarajevo yesterday with happy and with smiling faces, with a lot of beautiful memories, but only shortly because the next year’s Games are already in the process of preparations and the most beautiful sports story in BiH is expected to be continued soon.

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