40 Teams to show how People used to cook 500 Years ago

The traditional “Pekijada” in the village of Ocevija will gather 40 teams from all over BiH and the region and they will show their skills in preparing food under the traditional baking trays.

Preparation of food under the traditional baking tray will be just one of the activities, and all of them will be aimed at promoting BH cuisine and tourist values.

The local community of Ocevija and the Municipality of Vares are organizers of this event, and members of the Association of Chefs of BiH provided them expert help from the very beginning. They will decide which team prepared the best meal under the traditional baking tray.

Visitors will have the opportunity to see how the traditional baking trays were made 500 years ago. They will also be able to observe culinary competitions and taste traditional meals.

This year, chefs of the Club of Pancake Fans will perform at “Pekijada” and they will prepare this dessert on the occasion of the Day of Pancakes, which is a more than 500 years long tradition that originates from England.

This year’s “Pekijada” will gather participants from Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia and BiH.

(Source: klix.ba)

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