38th Regular Session Tomorrow of BIH Presidency

predsThe BIH Presidency will hold tomorrow its 38th regular session where they will consider the platform for the BIH delegation at the 68th UN General Assembly and to determine the BIH delegation at this session and to consider the invitation of BIH to participate at the 68th UN Global Compact Leaders Summit 2013.

The Presidency would decide on the representative of BIH at the meeting of the UN General Assembly at a high level on the realization of the Millennium Development Goals and other internationally agreed targets for people with disabilities and the meeting at a high level on nuclear weapons, the 68th session of the UN General Assembly.

They will speak of the visit of the President of Austria to BIH, which is scheduled for 30 October 2013.

On the agenda is the consideration of the signing of a series of agreements and treaties, among other things the inter-state agreement between BIH and Croatia on Euroatlantic partnership, memorandum of understanding between the BIH Council of Ministers and the government of Chile on cooperation on issues of defense and the proposal on naming the military-diplomatic and military representatives in BIH abroad.

The BIH Presidency would consider the information on the invitation of the Secretariat of the UN for involvement in the BIH Armed Forces in the multidimensional integrated stabilization mission in Mali with an assessment of the potential contribution of the BIH Armed Forces and information on the letter of the NATO Secretary General to the BIH Minister of Defense in connection with the possible military contribution of BIH to the NATO Mission in Afghanistan after 2014.

On the agenda are the proposal and the decision to extend the mandate to officers of the BIH Armed Forces in the operation of the International Security Assistance Forces in Afghanistan.

(Source: Fena)

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