385-year-old Yew Attraction in Hadzici!

yew hadziciEvergreen yew tree is a very rare plant species located in Hadzici municipality, in the village Ljubovcici. It is 385 years old but it still faithfully preserves the house of family Bajric.

Many people believe that this magical tree is full of magic and secrets. It is considered that it brings good luck, protect from enemies, spells and accidents, but it is, at the same time, very poisonous tree. It contains a poisonous alkaloid taxin.

Due to believes in secret powers of this really unusual tree, it is said that people have being planting it in front of the house, sewing it into clothes and made a jewelry that served as an amulet and protected them from evil.

Fascinating yew tree is located in the courtyard of late Kasim Bajric.

“The late Kasim told me in 90s that yew samples were carried to the analysis at the Institute of Forestry in Sarajevo in 1980. Results of the analysis then shown that the yew is 350 years old“, said Hidajet Hujic, a resident of Ljubovcici and author of the book “Historical dimension of municipality Hadzici“ in which he wrote about this tree.

pazaric-tisa-hidajet-hujic-ljubovcici-16042015-3The story of Kasim Bakric, that samples were carried and laboratory analysis were made, is confirmed by the fact that this tree is at the list of herbarium facilities in the National Museum of BiH.

“People from Dalmatia came here and offered a lot of money for this tree. I believe that they wanted to make boats. Also, residents of the village took branches and tried to plant it, but it couldn’t grow“, explained Bajric.

(Source: faktor.ba)

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