37 Degrees Celsius expected in BiH!

In some parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina, a high-temperature warning, an orange meteoalarm, is still in effect. An orange warning is issued for the area of Visegrad, Banjaluka and Prijedor, while the yellow meteoalarm is in effect for the rest of the country.

Expected daily air temperatures will range from 29 to 35, in the south and north to 37 degrees Celsius. According to the data of the Federal Hydrometeorological Institute (FHMZ), BiH is currently expecting sunny weather with low to moderate cloudiness.

The cloudiness during the afternoon, some in central and eastern areas, may cause rain and thunderstorms, and in the evening rain and rainfall is possible in the northern areas as well. As earlier reported by FHMZ, the first week of July in Bosnia and Herzegovina will be above average warm, mostly sunny with slightly fresher mornings than the previous week, Federal News Agency reports.

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