360,000 Visits Recorded This Season at Panonska Lake

panonska jezeraAlthough the official tourist season for swimming in the complex of Panonska Lake in Tuzla is still not over, due to the fewer sunny days the administration of the public company ‘Panonika’ can perform the analysis of the success of the season for the end.

The weather conditions this summer were not ideal, with only 45 sunny days from mid-July to around the last 10 days of August. According to the Administration of ‘Panonika’, they consider 21 August the end of the summer, which was marked by rain and temperatures of 23 degrees.

‘’Panonika was visited by around 360,000 guests, with a growing trend of an increasing number of tourists from all over B&H, neighboring countries and countries in Europe. Officially, the season is not yet over, the salt lakes are still open for visits and for bathing, and for the weekend we expect a significant visit not only from Tuzla citizens but also guests from central B&H and eastern Slavonia, who were frequent guests last summer’’, said Maid Porobić, the Director of ‘Panonika’.

The season ends mid-September, which will be followed by a gathering of B&H rafters. The organizer of this event is the Rafting Club ‘Acent’ from Tuzla.

(Source: Dnevni Avaz)

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