35th Anniversary: Sarajevo Mayor meets Crvena Jabuka Frontman


The cult Sarajevo band “Crvena Jabuka” is celebrating thirty-five years of existence this year. This jubilee will crown the album entitled “Sarajevo 1985 – 2020.”

On that occasion, the mayor of Sarajevo, Abdulah Skaka, hosted Drazen Zeric Zera in the City Hall.

“Sarajevo Pop-Rock School is a brand of Sarajevo that needs to be preserved. Many Sarajevans and guests of our city welcomed the first day of 2018 with musicians who live and sing the spirit of Sarajevo. We enjoyed the open-air concert in front of the Eternal Flame and the ambience of the center Sarajevo. Their songs created the most beautiful musical stories about our city “, the mayor pointed out.

That it is very important for the Sarajevo pop-rock school to survive, and for Sarajevo to return to its roots, Zera pointed out. “Sarajevo has always been and remains the center of the world when it comes to music.

Songs ‘Grade moj’, ‘Vilsnovo’, ‘Dusa Sarajeva’, ‘Sarajevski lijepi dani’, ‘Dok Miljacka protice’ and many others dedicated to the city from which they originate”, said Zera, and thanked the mayor for the reception. Crvena Jabuka has recorded twenty-one albums so far.



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