35,999 Work Permits have been issued for Citizens of Bosnia-Herzegovina in Slovenia


The 4th session of the Council of Ministers of Bosnia-Herzegovina was held in Sarajevo during which a number of decisions have been made, and information on the employment of workforce from BiH in Slovenia is particularly interesting.

Namely, the Council of Ministers of BiH adopted the Report of the Ministry of Civil Affairs on the implementation of the Agreement between the Council of Ministers of Bosnia-Herzegovina and the Government of the Republic of Slovenia on the employment of citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina in the Republic of Slovenia from 2013 to 2018.

In the period of cooperation between the Agency for Labor and Employment of BiH and the Employment Service of the Republic of Slovenia in the implementation of the Agreement, a total of 26,246 job offers for 55,507 persons have been forwarded, and 35,999 work permits have been issued for citizens of Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Most work permits were issued in 2018, 16,090, which is about six thousand more work permits issued than in 2017.  In 2018, the highest demand was for workers, drivers, carpenters, and manufacturing workers. When it comes to gender structure, in 99% of the cases, it is about hiring a male workforce, news portal reports.



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