30 % more Heart Surgeries performed in the CCUS in 2017

March 31, 2018 9:00 AM

A total of 1,353 operative procedures were performed at the Clinic for Cardiovascular Surgery of CCUS in the year of 2017. Out of this, 426 operations were financed from the Solidarity Fund ZZOIR, while 927 of the completed procedures were funded from other sources.

Up to three extremely difficult surgeries can be performed in this clinic during one night, which can last from 10 to 12 hours. After that, they normally continue with their regular daily surgical program.

“We used to have up to three emergency surgeries during one night with three teams operating at the same time. We had two acute dissections of aorta and one rupture of abdominal aorta, and the next day we continued with our regular program according to schedule,” said doc. Granov.

“Great experts and good people are working here. They are very nice and I have no complaints at all. Friendly doctors and nurses, clean rooms and beds, and good food are everything that a patient can wish for, together with the main wish for quick recovery,” stated one of the patients, Anica Sarac from Sarajevo.

Sixty-year-old Mila Josipovic, who had a surgery just three days ago, is also treated at this clinic. She feels good after the surgery and she is very satisfied with the service in this insitution.

“I can only say all the best about the team of doctors and nurses. I am glad that we have such a great service in our country. I am very pleased with my recovery and I am hoping that there will be no complications,” said Josipovic.

(Source: faktor.ba)




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