30 Agricultural Producers start exporting Strawberries to the EU!

13149954_1176025929115028_275438174_nProduction of berries is one of the most popular types of investments in the post-war agriculture of BiH. If the investment pays off, opportunities for earning money are not available in BiH only, but abroad as well.

Around 30 agricultural producers from the area of Čelić started exporting berries, primarily strawberries, to the Eu countries this year.

In the past five months, they gathered around the company Fruit Prom, through which they place their products after which the Municipality of Čelić is known throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina. In this way, 30 agricultural producers joined the three companies that have already been exporting to the EU.

According to the Director of Fruti Prom, Armin Terzić, strawberries from Čelić can currently be purchased in Austria, while negotiations with representatives of importers from Germany and Slovenia are in progress. There is also potential for exporting to the far Dubai.

Success of agricultural producers from Čelić is reflected in the export, which amounts to between four and ten tons of strawberries daily.

In addition to usual obstacles for potential entrepreneurs in BiH, Terzić claims that the problem prior to the export was the selection of a sufficiently resistant strawberry variety which could endure the transport, and the very connecting with foreign countries took a lot of time.

Agricultural producers from Čelić will not stop on strawberries. There is already a plan to start exporting raspberries as fresh and frozen products, as well as blueberries, plums and blackberries.

When it comes to advice for people who want to deal with similar business, Terzić has a short message: “Food market is vast! It is necessary to ensure quality and quantity.”


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