3.500 Families from B&H Have Stored Stem Cells

matične ćelijaNearly 3.500 families in B&H have deposited stem cells of their children in Cryo-Save, Europe’s largest family stem cell bank.

The executive director of Family-Plus for the medical affairs who is also the appointed partner to Cryo-Save for B&H Dr. Kenan Vrca said that in 2013 one sample from the bank is used for the treatment of BlackfanDiamond anemia, which is a form of congenital anemia, which is characterized by a deficiency of red blood cells.

He pointed out that the number of samples stored in Cryo-Save is over 250.000, making this bank the largest in Europe in family stem cell bank and one of the world’s leading banks.

The world’s leading scientific journals in July 2013 have published two studies which prove that stem cells which are found in tissues and umbilical cord blood are the future medical treatments of serious illnesses and injuries, and currently with the stem cells from the blood and tissues of the umbilical cord can be treated more than 70 different diseases.

The only chance to collect the stem cells from the umbilical cord is immediately after birth. There is a strong consideration that even other family members (brothers, sisters and parents) can be able to use stem cells in the case of treatment, because it is the greater chance that will be a coincidence than any other stem cells.

FAMILY-PLUSespecially points out the Program of free storage of stem cells, in which can enter all the families who are expecting a baby soon, and the families that have illnesses that can be treated with stem cells.

Cryo-Save is the only bank of stem cells that have this free program, and so far from B&H, 41 families have received free storage.

Cryo-Save in Bosnia and Herzegovina is since 2009.

(Source: Fena)

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