28 Years ago, the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina was admitted to the United Nations!


On May 22 in 1992, exactly 28 years ago, the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina was admitted to the United Nations (UN). However, that did not stop the ruthless aggression which lasted until the signing of the Dayton Peace Agreement in Paris 14th November 1995.

During the 28 year membership in the United Nations, Bosnia-Herzegovina was elected a non-permanent member of the Security Council.

After declaring independence and international recognition of the country in April 1992, Bosnia-Herzegovina was accepted by the UN. On the 6th April, which is celebrated as the Day of the City of Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina was recognized by member states of then European Economic Community (EEC) and a day later by the United States.

The Day of international recognition, namely 6th April, is also taken as the official date of the beginning of the aggression against Bosnia-Herzegovina and its capital Sarajevo.

In early October 1991, a direct attack by then regular forces of the former Yugoslav People’s Army (JNA) took place. Namely, it started by burning villages in Ravno in municipality of Trebinje.

Later on, in October 1991, Bosnia and Herzegovina voted sovereignty .

On this basis of Bosnian-Herzegovinian sovereignty, a referendum for independence was held, which was implemented on 29th February and 1st March in 1992. However, the referendum was boycotted by the most of the Serbian population.

On referendum, 2. 061.932 citizens or 99.44 percent (total vote 2,073,568 eligible voters, or 64.31 percent ) voted for determining the status of Bosnia and Herzegovina as a ” sovereign and independent state of equal citizens and people – Muslims, Serbs , Croats and members of other nations who live in it.”

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