28 new Speed Bumps placed in Ilidža

Speed Bumps radiosarajevo.baPlacement of forced decelerators of vehicles, the speed bumps, was requested by almost all local communities in Sarajevo.

In the Municipality of Ilidža, 28 new speed bumps were placed near all primary schools and religious facilities, and vibrant tracks were placed in four locations,

Vibrant tracks were placed near the school in Pejton, in the 13. Juni Street, near the former cinema Igman and in the Stari drum Street in Kovači.

Primary aim of the project is to protect the youngest participants in traffic and enable them a safe journey from home to school, stated the Service for investments, development and utility works of the Ilidža Municipality.

This investment is worth 30.000 BAM. Speed bumps were placed by the company Sarajevoputevi JSC, and vertical and horizontal signalization and vibrant tracks were placed by companies Savico Ltd. and Sacom Ltd.

(Source: klix.ba/photo: radiosarajevo.ba)

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