26th November – A possible day off?

”25th November, the National Day is the most important day in the history of Bosnia
and Herzegovina and one of the achievements we cannot, at any cost give up from”- said
the Prime Minister of Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Nermin Nikšić. The Prime
Minister said for the Federal Journalist Agency how citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina
see and experiences this day as the confirmation of the millennial existence of Bosnia and
Herzegovina, and because of that, as the Prime Minister said, they deserve the opportunity
to celebrate this day in a befitting manner and how this right cannot be denied to them by

” The least thing we can do in the Government is to secure a day off for those who want
to celebrate the National Day in a patriotic spirit”- said Nikšić and added how he already
proposed at the session of the Government of Bosnia and Herzegovina to make a decision on
marking the 26th November in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina as a day off.

The Prime Minister also said: ” The possibility of marking the National Day in our country in
an adequate manner must not become a victim of bureaucratic interpretations of regulations.
The future of Bosnia and Herzegovina is only possible on the principles of ZAVNOB&H
which guarantee the equality of all people and citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina it its
entire territory, and these principles must be propagated in all possible ways. Bosnia and
Herzegovina is our only country and that is why our citizens have to have the opportunity to
celebrate the National Day as the true holiday of its country”.

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