26 volcanic Lines lead towards the Pyramids in Visoko!

received_1109836872400601Twenty-six volcanic lines lead towards the pyramids in Visoko. As much as 15 volcanic lines have three or four volcanos on their route, and all of them end in Visoko.
The Finnish researcher Mika Virpiranta is the author of the book “Straight lines from the volcanos towards the temples of Sun”. By using scientific methodology, he prove that 75 most significant construction complexes of the ancient world are located on the straight lines formed by two or more volcanos.

After analyzing locations of two thousands of volcanos on the Planet, Virpiranta’s study includes pyramids, megalithic circles and temples worldwide. Especially interesting locations are those on situated on the lines where there are three of more volcanos (“sacred volcanic lines”).

Of course, the reason behind the research of volcanic lines is the powerful underground energy of volcanos that reflects in the movement of lava, minerals and metals. The conclusion of Virpiranta’s research is that there existed a developed ancient culture that possessed global knowledge of Planet’s geography. They located their “Sun temples”, as Virpiranta calls, them, at places where there is the highest concentration of volcanic lines.

Fifteen volcanic lines lead to the ancient kingdom Angkor Wat (UNESCO site in Cambodia), 17 lead to the Temple of Artemis in Anatolia, 26 to the pyramids of the Mayans at the locality of Chitzen Irza in Mexico, 18 to the largest pyramid in Mexico, the Cholula pyramid, 29 towards the Egyptian Sphinx, 17 lead to the newly discovered Indonesian pyramid Gunung Padang in the west of Java, 21 to the Turkish location of Gobekli Tepe, 16 towards Machu Picchu in Peru, seven towards the plateau Naska in Peru, 21 towards the Greek Olympia, 10 volcanic lines lead to the stone heads on Easter Island, 26 towards the pyramids Puma Punku in Peru, 22 towards Vatican, and 18 volcanic lines lead towards the temple on the Zion hill in Jerusalem.

The scientific fact that 26 volcanic lines lead to the pyramids in Visoko is an additional argument of, first, the locality where the pyramids were built in the Visoko valley and, second, that the purpose of construction was indeed energetic, which was confirmed with a series of measurements.

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