25 Victims of Genocide identified for the Funeral in Potocari so far

So far, a total of 25 victims of genocide have been identified for a joint funeral at the Memorial Center in Potocari on July 11, this year, i.e. for which their families declared to bury their mortal remains.

Spokeswoman of the Missing Persons Institute of BiH, Lejla Cengic, stated that this is not the final number of victims that will be buried at the joint funeral in Potocari this year, because the process of identification of victims in Podrinje will be conducted in the upcoming period through the identification project (PIP) in Tuzla, and it will last all the way until the funeral.

Cengic also stated that the remains of 44 genocide victims were officially identified in Podrinje identification center in Tuzla, i.e. based on DNA analysis and families, but their families have not decided to bury them yet mainly because of the incomplete skeletons.

Until now, a total of 6,575 genocide victims have been buried in the Memorial Center Potocari, and 235 genocide victims were buried in local cemeteries, in accordance with the wishes of their families.

“We are still searching for more than 1,000 victims in Srebrenica,” stated Cengic.

The first collective funeral at the Memorial Center Potocari took place in 2003, and almost thousand victims were buried in three phases back then. The oldest victim buried in Potocari is Saha Izmirlic, born in 1901, and the youngest victim was a newborn baby – girl Muhic.

(Source: klix.ba)






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