The 24th Anniversary of the Murder of 33 Croat Civilians in Grabovica

This tragedy in Grabovica happened on the night of September 8, 1993, when members of the Army of BiH murdered 33 Croatian civilians, and the youngest victim was Mladenka Zadro (4 years old), and the oldest was Marko Maric (87 years old).

On the occasion of the 24th anniversary, flowers were laid in front of the local memorial. The highest political representatives of the Croatian people in BiH laid wreaths as well, and the mass was served in the local graveyard.

“We want these kinds of crimes not to happen ever again, but to live side by side here in BiH, one with the other, to live one for the other, to love our neighbors, respect and help each other, regardless of religion and nation,” said Don Mile Vidic.

Don Vidic also recalled the crimes that are happening all around the world, and he mentioned all innocent people.

“There should be no national or religious intolerance in BiH, or anywhere around the world. We are witnessing that huge crimes are still happening all around the world. With this prayer, we want to pray for peace in BiH and everywhere in the world, and that the victims that we are talking about today are the incentive for us to love each other,” said Don Mile Vidic.

Association of Croatian victims “Grabovica ’93” is still looking for 17 bodies of the victims and they appealed to the competent authorities to do more about this issue.

“We are witnessing the 24th anniversary of the suffering of Croatian civilians, and we are very sad. The reason for our grief and pain are the bodies of the victims that are still missing. We are still searching for 17 bodies, and we do not know if they were buried or thrown into Neretva River. Some evidence came out, but institutions that were supposed to do their job did not do it properly,” said Josip Dreznjak, the president of the association of Croat victims “Grabovica ’93”, and they appealed to the court and the prosecution to do more about this issue.

(Source: R. D./Klix.ba)

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