24-years-old Bosnian Leila Agic enteres Brussels Parliament!

Bosnian Leila Agic had great success in the elections in Belgium.

This 24-year-old Belgian Socialist Party (PS) candidate has managed to enter the Brussels Parliament with 2.855 votes.

The Socialist Party won the largest number of votes in the elections, and with 11 MPs retained the position of the strongest political party in the Brussels Parliament, and Leila Agic among the 11 elected MPs.

“I thank all the voters who supported the PS with their votes and allowed us to remain number one in Brussels. Thanks to all those who supported my candidacy with my voices and chose me in Parliament, and at the same time thank you and those who are not, because it will only make me stronger and more motivated to do even better and better, “Agic told Vijesti.ba news portal.

Agic added that she was still under pressure and was not even aware of what she had achieved.

Leila Agic was the third woman on the electoral list, the seventh overall, and it should be noted that she was the youngest candidate on the list.

In October 2018, Leila Agic had already made great political success in local elections, when 663 votes won her as a candidate for the Socialist Party in the Municipal Council of Molenbeek, one of the municipalities of the capital city of Belgium, Brisel.

When it comes to politics, Agic says she started to be interested in politics when she was 16 years old and when she worked with former French presidency candidate France Segolene Royal.

Currently, Agic is president of the Young Socialist Party (PS).

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