2020 Florida Football: Gators Bring 5 Returning Players For SEC In September


The Southeastern Conference (SEC) college football has announced its returning season this year, which will start in September. This year, a total of 14 schools will vie for this prestigious college football conference title, which will include the Georgia Bulldogs, Tennessee Volunteers, Auburn Tigers, LSU Tigers, and Alabama Crimson Tide.

Aside from the schools mentioned above, the Florida Gators, which will represent the University of Florida, is the most hyped-up school to win the SEC football this season. The Gators will be part of the 13 playing weekends schedule, which will take their first game on September 5, 2020.

As the newest season of the SEC football begins in two months from now, it will pave the way for the Gators to showcase another emphatic football performance this season. Also, they recently announced that five returning players are joining the Gators current line-up. Let’s get to know these five Gators’ returning players who might bring the team to the SEC football spotlight this year.

Marco Wilson (Defensive Back)

The Gators are delighted to announce that one of their senior players, Marco Wilson, will be staying and playing for the team this SEC football season.  Wilson is returning to the Gators this season to help bring his team in the College Football Playoffs and hopefully win their first championship title.

Looking into his current records, Wilson was able to record a total of 36 defensive stops where 23 of these were solo defenses. Also, he was receiving a lot of recognition since the start of his career, including SEC Academic Honor Roll (2018). By the way, the SEC conference this year will also take in betting games.

Amari Burney (Linebacker/Safety)

Aside from Wilson, Amari Burney is also returning to play for the Gators this year as the linebacker. He is one of the fastest linebacker players for the Gators since he played last year. Apart from that, he was seen as an outbreak player for the team in  2019, where he accomplished 37 tackles (interception and fumble recoveries).

Although some of the tackles he did were not that successful, Burney can hustle hard inside the field and rushes excellently. He also has a good positioning performance in the tight end playing for the safety position. With Burney’s overwhelming speed, wingspan, and size, the Gators might have a good position in the Fanduel NFL futuresbetting this year.

Zachary Carter (Defensive End)

One of the most versatile defensive end players for the whole SEC football conference is Zachary Carter. This year, he is joining the Gators line-up to make the team stronger so they can hopefully clinch the championship title. Although Carter was considered an underrated player for the Gators last year, he worked hard and ended the previous season with flying colors.

Looking into his records, he was able to notch a career-high season last year, tallying five stops in the defensive end. Besides, he made 4.5 sacks and 30.5 tackles last season. Given these accomplishments, Carter is something that other SEC conference teams should watch out for as he does an excellent performance in the defensive end position.

Trevon Grimes (Wide Receiver)

One of the biggest challenges that the Gators will be facing this year is replacing the wide receiver players who ended their season last year. For this year’s line up, Trevon Grimes will have big shoes to fill in the wide receiver position. Although he is not one of the most reliable wide receiver players, the Gators are giving him a chance to show off his real talent as he returns for the upcoming SEC conference.

As a utility player who made 11 starts since he joined the Gator, he recorded a total of 33 receptions in 491 yards, including three touchdowns. Moreover, Grimes averaged 14.9 yds per reception, where he also got a career-high of 94 yards when he played against Vanderbilt. With these records, Grimes should never be considered an underrated player as he can have a significant impact on the Gators this year.

Kyle Pitts (Tight End)

The last returning player to complete the Gators line-up this year is Kyle Pitts. He will fill in the tight end position for the Gators, who is considered the team’s best player since joining their roster.

According to his last year’s records, he was able to accomplish 54 receptions, which is a career-high already for all tight end players wrestling for the SEC conference. Aside from that, he is one of the most awarded SEC players, which includes AP/Coaches’ All-SEC First Team (2018).


As the Florida Gators bring five returning players for the SEC college football season this year, there is a bigger chance for this school to take the championship title effortlessly. So, to see how this school soars high for the SEC this year, don’t forget to tune in the SEC 13-week tournament starting this September.

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