After more than 20 Years, Trebevic Cable Car over Sarajevo again

After the Trebevic test cable cars were installed, a first test ride was successfully completed yesterday in the morning.

As announced earlier by Skaka, the gondolas will be launched in January this year, and it is anticipated that the 33 cable cabins will be in operation, each with ten seats, with a capacity of 1.200 passengers per hour. Instead of 12 minutes, which was needed in past, a new cable car will take you to Trebevic in seven minutes and 15 seconds.

Apart from that, Trebevic cable car in the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) started to work in 1959. It linked Bistrik at 583 meters above sea level with Vidikovac, which is located at 1.160 meters above sea level at Trebevic, and it was designed and built by the Czechs.

With a length of 2.100 meters, the Trebevic cable car was the largest in the region at that time. It was especially noticed in a solemn way in 1984 when Sarajevo hosted the Winter Olympic Games. The cable car, one of the Sarajevo symbols, was completely destroyed during the 1992-1995 aggression to BiH.

The idea of ​​rebuilding the Trebevic cable car after many years after the war in BiH was unrealized because of the unresolved property and legal relations between the City of Sarajevo and the owner of the cable car, the Public Utility Company GRAS, which last year gave permission that the City of Sarajevo take care of the cable car.


(Source: radiosarajevo.ba)

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