They are 20 years old and already secured Placement of their Products in the USA

March 18, 2018 11:00 AM

The company “Amplius electronics” from Mostar, which was founded by three young innovators, managed to secure the placement of their product – a smart pendant – on the market of the US. Founders Luka, Marin and Robert are twenty years old and their goal is to place their product Rubico all over the world.

Rubico, which is a smart pendant that works as a ‘power bank” or a phone charger, has a memory like USB, as well as a NFC tag that can be used for several different functions.

There is a mobile application that comes with the product itself and it allows several features including transfer of data from a mobile device to a smart pendant, checking the amount of free memory on the pendant, as well as the ability of recording video clips and photos by directly saving it to the pendant., a business embassy for BH diaspora and foreign investors, promoted the project to its diaspora and connected these young entrepreneurs with a businesswoman from the US, who helped them in the distribution of their product on the US market.

“Many people told us that we will not succeed, but our perseverance, large effort and knowledge made everything possible. The product Rubico has been ordered in more than 700 copies, and we secured the money for its mass production,” as stated by the founders.

They are also planning to employ new workers in order to start with the development of a new product. They started the negotiations with an investor from Switzerland, who is willing to invest more money in their company.

This is just the beginning and the very first, small step, towards their global position. Therefore, Amplius invited all other members of diaspora to contact them as well. was started thanks to the initiative of entrepreneurs and investors from diaspora and experts from BiH, and all of that was aimed to facilitate the process of investing to BH diaspora and other foreign investors in BiH, but also to enable the access of small companies from BiH to the international market through the contact network of BH diaspora.




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