20 million BAM to be allocated for the Reconstruction of the Cantonal Hospital Zenica

The Assembly of Zenica-Doboj Canton adopted an important decision on the approval of loan for the reconstruction of the Cantonal Hospital Zenica in a total amount of 20 million BAM. As noted, this is just one of the steps on their path of keeping doctors in our country.

The project of reconstruction of the Cantonal Hospital Zenica exists for more than a year, i.e. since the first meetings with representatives of EBRD, and the director of the hospital Rasim Skomorac noted that all elements for the implementation of the project of energy efficiency and extension on 2,800 square meters of additional space were agreed.

A new department of intensive care unit will be constructed as part of the reconstruction project,  and the reconstruction of thermo-block will take place as well, while the asbestos roof will be removed.

From this hospital stated that this is a generational project of reconstruction of the hospital whose realization will start soon, and its reconstruction will bring better conditions for both patients and employees.

Skomorac also added that they need to provide resources for the quality and continuous education of every doctor and healthcare worker, as well as the funds for employment of a large number of healthcare workers with the aim to reach norms in relation to patients and healthcare workers. They also need to provide mandatory insurance for medical mistakes, to improve financial benefits and adequately pay overtime work.

However, this is just one of the steps on long and demanding efforts of the authorities to keep the doctors at the Cantonal Hospital Zenica.

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