The 2.8 million BAM worth Electrification of Una Railway to start soon?

Electrification of part of Una Railway on a 19-kilometer long section between Blatna, Bihac and Bosanska Krupa should start soon after the selection of the contractor, as confirmed by Samir Alagic, the director of the infrastructure of the “Railways of the FBiH” Bihac.

He added that preparatory works that include removing of vegetation from the section that will be the subject of electrification are taking place and that the section between Bihac and Bosanska Krupa will be completely electrified with the completion of this project. The Prime Minister of Una Sana Canton, Husein Rosic, welcomed the beginning of the realization of this project, and he noted that it represents a priority issue when it comes to the communication and the economic development of the Una-Sana Canton in the future period, considering the increasing demand of the investor to enable the railway transport.

“This issue is important to us from three aspects: the first refers to the connection of the railway with the rest of BiH, the second refers to the connection with the Republic of Croatia and its ports, and the third aspect refers to the development of tourism in this area,” said Rosic.

According to him, they agreed on the transfer of Tito’s “Blue Train”, which is currently under the reconstruction in Rajlovac, with the “Railways of the FBiH” with the aim of improving tourist facilities within the National Park Una. Their main idea is that this train transports tourists on the railway line of Una River between Bihac and Martin Brod.

(Source: akta.ba)

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