1st May: Grilling prohibited on “Vrelo Bosne“, allowed on Trebevic

vrelo bosneAs in previous years, Cantonal public institution for protected natural areas of Canton Sarajevo, is ready to welcome upcoming 1st May holidays.

Employees of the Institution have invested the great effort to prepare protected areas for staying of large number of visitors, as announced by the expert associate for the promotion and marketing of KJU for protected natural areas, Mustafa Zvizdic.

Lighting fire is strictly forbidden on all four areas. However, due to 1st May holidays, certain concessions have been made on the area of Trebevic, Bijambare and Skakavac.

It is allowed to light a grill if it is above the ground.

As Zvizdic stated, grill should be registered to supervisors, and visitors must have a canister of water to shut it down after the usage.

These concessions do not apply to the area of Vrelo Bosne, where lighting of any fire is strictly forbidden.

(Source: klix.ba)


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