183 Million BAM from PE to divert for financing of the Construction of Highways

The prime minister of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (Bih) is planning to divert the profits of public enterprises to construct highways in FBiH. The sum in question is 183 million BAM, which will be diverted to infrastructure projects from four public enterprises.

After the fall of the laws regarding an increase in the excise taxes, the other segments of the loan of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and an increase in the monetary funds from the clearing debt, Novalic had an idea which would ensure the construction of highways in FBiH.

Namely, the Government of FBiH will ask four public enterprises to divert their accumulated profit of 183 million BAM to the construction of highways. BH Telecom, Sarajevo International Airport, Elektroprivreda Hrvatske zajednice Herceg-Bosne and Elektroprivreda BiH are the companies that will be asked to divert their profits.

According to the documents that are owned by, the Government of FBiH will ask BH Telecom for 90 million BAM (70 million BAM for a highway Sarajevo-Gorazde, 10 million for the detour around Mostar and 10 million for the First Transversal in Sarajevo).

Sarajevo International Airport is supposed to divert 25 million BAM for construction of the Sarajevo detour and Elektroprivreda BiH is supposed to divert 63 million BAM for the highway Zepce – Tuzla.

The smallest burden will fall on the Elektroprivreda Hrvatske zajednice Herceg-Bosne, which is supposed to divert three million for the detour around Mostar and two million BAM for the highway Zepce – Tuzla.

The fact that the majority of the infrastructural projects will “become alive” in the election year of 2018 is interesting, considering the fact that politicians may use these projects to gain political points with voters.

It’s still unclear how the Government of FBiH plans to make up the funds from the Russian debt (107 million BAM), which were supposed to be used for the construction of highways.


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