1,800 Tons of Ammunition destroyed with the Help of the EU

March 30, 2017 10:30 AM

surplus ammunitionProject EXPLODE, within which was destroyed around 1,800 tons of ammunition, is important not only for BiH but for the entire region as well, because the degree of stability and security in this part of Europe was raised on a significantly higher level thanks to its implementation, said the Minister of Defense Marina Pendes after the closing ceremony of the project EXPLODE, which was held yesterday in Sarajevo.

Minister Pendes thanked the European Union (EU) for allocation of significant funds for the destruction of unstable ammunition and explosive-mine resources in the last few years.

“Indeed, if there was not for the representatives of the Ministry of Defense and Armed Forces of BiH, who have been in a daily communication, this project would not have been completed today,” said Pendes.

She also emphasized multiple benefits of the project EXPLODE, which contributed not only to security and stability but also educated a significant number of members of the Armed Forces of BiH.

Head of Cooperation of the EU Delegation in BiH Melvin Asin reminded that the EU is donating and investing funds in demining, clearing minefields, destroying munitions and devices used to prevent illegal access to firearms and ammunition since 2014.

“Through this project, we managed to help with the destruction of about 1,800 tons of surplus ammunition, and renovated  72 storages of ammunition, which are very important not only for the Armed Forces of BiH but also for the people and communities that are located in their close vicinity,” noted Asin.

He announced that they will continue with this project, which is funded by the EU with 4.6 million EUR, thus the realization of the second phase of the project by the end of 2018, and all of that with the aim of more safe and secure BiH.

(Source: klix.ba)



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