For Councilors in Gradacac, New Car is more important than Life-Saving Injections for Pregnant Women and Babies

At the last session, the councilors of the City Council in Gradacac showed that a new official car is more important to them than the Clexane injection used by women during pregnancy, and in addition to them, it is ultimately life-saving for their babies.

Namely, the City Council considered and adopted the budget proposal and its execution for this year. Councilor of the Social Democrats of BiH Rasema Novalic sent an amendment proposing that funds in the amount of 40,000 convertible marks from the item of transport equipment be redirected to subsidizing medicines for pregnant women, more precisely injections of Clexana used against blood clotting.

“Aware of the fact that I am not in the ruling majority in the City Council and also aware that elected councilors in the representative body should represent the interests of the citizens who elected them, I thought there would be a hearing, regardless of whether someone was in the majority or on the position, for the basic needs of our citizens, but there was no hearing. Only eight out of 30 councilors supported the amendment for pregnant women. It is not accepted, “Novalic wrote.

She reminded that the City Administration of Gradacac has 15 official cars, as well as that the item for salaries to the administration in the amount of 400,000 BAM is being increased through the budget proposal adopted today.

“All pre-election promises of the mayor and the majority in the council should be fulfilled, and I guess the increase of the item for travel expenses from 8,000 BAM to 30,000 BAM can satisfy greed, insensitivity, insatiability, arrogance, arrogance”, said Novalic.

The budget of Gradacac for 2021 was adopted in the amount of 8,496,399 BAM, and the parameters used for the projection of revenues in the proposal were realized in the period January – December 2020, based on which an estimate of revenues for the current year was made.

It is worth mentioning that low-molecular-weight heparin Clexane, which has an extremely large application in medicine, is prescribed immediately at the established pregnancy and five weeks after birth, every day, and prevents the formation of blood clots that can be fatal for mother and child. One ampoule in Tuzla Canton costs approximately ten convertible marks, Klix.ba writes.

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