BiH Council of Ministers adopted Decision on Cooperation with NATO

The Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina adopted a decision on the Commission for Cooperation with NATO and the Reform Program, which will be sent to Brussels, said the Deputy Chairman and Minister of Foreign Affairs of BiH Bisera Turkovic, after the session of the BiH Council of Ministers.

As for the Decision on the Commission for Cooperation with NATO, there are three changes in relation to the previous commission. The first refers to the very name of the Commission, which instead of the Commission for NATO Integration is called the Commission for Cooperation with NATO.

“Then, as far as the composition of the commission is concerned, it has 21 members, ie three times seven representatives from each nation, so that balanced decisions can be made,” said Turkovic.

The third change refers to the very way of decision-making in the Commission, which will decide in the same way as in the Council of Ministers of BiH, that is, all rounds of mostly majority voting with representatives of two members from each nation. Turkovic added that the BiH Minister of Defense was against such a commission, but all the others, from all three nations, voted for the Reform Program, which was adopted unanimously, said Turkovic.

Turkovic said that today there was talk of vaccination against coronavirus, and stressed that we are still waiting to start the process.

“It has been confirmed that BiH has a ‘cold chain’ for storing Pfeizer vaccines, and we have an announcement that the vaccines could arrive in the next few days,” said Turkovic.

According to her, BiH paid the necessary money for vaccines on time and fulfilled other preconditions for their procurement. If there is guilt for the delay of the vaccine, stated Turkovic, then it is on the side of the supplier.

Turkovic pointed out that after the “respirator case”, few would have the courage to engage in the process of “private procurement” of vaccines.

Implementation of the reform program

The Council of Ministers unanimously adopted the document “Implementation of the Reform Program of Bosnia and Herzegovina 2019 – 2020”, which contains a table showing the activities of the competent institutions in BiH related to political and economic issues, defense and security issues, and resources and legal issues.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is in charge of submitting the complete document to the Presidency of BiH and forwarding this document to the NATO Headquarters in Brussels.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in cooperation with the Ministry of Defense of BiH, will immediately start the procedure of drafting the “Program of Reforms of Bosnia and Herzegovina 2020-2021”.

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