New Isolation Ward opens in Sarajevo

(Josipa Miler, BHRT)

Nine months after the start of the pandemic, an isolation ward was opened at the Primarius Dr. Abdulah Nakas General Hospital in Sarajevo. The isolator covers 961 square meters and was established with the help of the Government of Norway and the UNDP, BHRT writes.

Ismet Gavrankapetanovic, the acting Director of the General Hospital “Primarius Dr. Abdulah Nakas” said that they currently have five Covid wards working, including intensive care and critically ill patients. We have 44 beds with intensive care, that is, that respiratory unit and all the accompanying facilities “.

Patients with a mild to moderate clinical picture will be housed in the isolation ward, while those with a severe clinical picture will stay in the Clinical Centre University Sarajevo.

The first phase of the preparation of the isolation ward was completed, and it cost more than a million marks. A new expansion of the Covid department has also been announced, which will cost three to four million marks.

This will provide an additional 50 to 60 hospital beds and operating rooms. With the increase in the capacity to accommodate covid patients, encouraging information is arriving from the Sarajevo Canton Crisis Staff.

According to the latest data, there is an obvious decline in the number of active cases. Figures are falling, but experts warn of the eternal risk of infection, especially in the upcoming holiday season. The number of infected after the holidays will depend on our discipline of compliance.

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