EUFOR Military Forces Mandate in the Peacekeeping Mission in Bosnia has been extended

The United Nations Security Council (UNSC) has extended the mandate of the EUFOR/ALTEA military force in Bosnia and Herzegovina with a view to maintaining a peaceful and stable situation in the country. In reporting to the UN Security Council, High Representative to BiH Valentin Inzko expressed gratitude for the presence of EUFOR forces in BiH and stressed that their stay was still necessary.

Following Inzko’s report, the UN Security Council confirmed the extension of the mandate of EUFOR forces in the mission in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Representatives of the United States, France and China also gave support to the EUFOR / ALTEA mission in the role of maintaining peace and stability in BiH, which was eventually adopted by a resolution extending the mandate, writes.

“The situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina has long been stable and peaceful, as regularly reflected in EUFOR / ALTHEA reports, as well as in relevant UN Security Council resolutions. EUFOR / ALTHEA has the mandate to support the implementation of the military aspects of the peace agreement.

In recent years, to suit the situation on the ground, the EUFOR / ALTHEA mission has been reconfigured as the mission’s primary focus has shifted from deterrence and safe environment activities to capacity building and training, “said Ambassador Sven Alkalaj, BiH Permanent Representative to the UN.

The Resolution emphasizes, among other things, the readiness of European forces in this phase of the implementation of the Dayton Agreement to continue the executive military role in providing support to the authorities of Bosnia and Herzegovina in maintaining the current, safe and peaceful environment.

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