New Regulations on Fiscalization from New Year in Bosnia, Entrepreneurs outraged

From January 1st, 2021, the new fiscalization regulations will apply. Everyone who use fiscal cash register will have to purchase new appliances. Although the deadlines for this have not been specified, entrepreneurs are outraged by this and they point out that they paid for the first fiscal cash registers, and every year, according to the law, they have to service them in the amount of around 80 BAM.

The Ministry of Finance of the Federation of BiH states that this is an improvement of the fiscalization system because the existing one is technologically obsolete, with the aim of combating the gray economy and creating better business conditions, BHRT writes.

“Taking into account the accelerated development of information technologies, the Federal Ministry of Finance has published technical and functional characteristics that will have to be met by fiscal devices that will be produced in the future and for which the Federal Ministry of Finance will issue Certificates of technical and functional characteristics. systems ”.

Tomislav Majic, President of the Association for Entrepreneurship “Link”, Mostar states: “Our experts in government always say that it is an improvement, but in practice, it is seen that it is a decline in the business environment and that we are increasingly becoming a bad country for business, which can be seen by the mass closure of small shops”.

Majic points out that businessmen in Croatia did not have to buy new devices, but their old ones were upgraded, and that is why he believes that in this way it actually benefits certain interest groups. The new fiscal cash registers will have to be acquired by everyone, except for the organizers of games of chance, who are connected to the Tax Administration through a special system.

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