Microbiology Experts in Bosnia created an Original Map for Monitoring Coronavirus

An expert team of microbiologists from Bosnia and Herzegovina has produced an original map for spatial and temporal monitoring of the dynamics of the coronavirus epidemic in the entire territory of our country, which is the first such map in BiH.

As explained by the Committee for Microbiology of the Academy of Sciences in BiH, the map shows a seven-day average number of infected with the SARS CoV 2 virus in BiH and daily deviations by cantons and municipalities.

Spatial units are marked with different shades of red and blue. The more intense the color, the greater the deviation from the average. The markings on each geographical unit in the form of a clock show the time dynamics, ie the three-week trend in the development of the epidemic.

“Unfortunately, at the moment, most clocks show the number 3 and are red. This means that the number of infected in the last three weeks is constantly increasing. Only in the Posavina Canton clock is green and number 2, which means that the number of patients for two weeks in a row reduces “, microbiology experts explain.

Academician and specialist in microbiology Mirsada Hukic told Klix.ba that this way of looking at the epidemiological situation is completely different.

“I think it is very interesting and informative to research this map,” Hukic added.

You can follow the map by clicking here.

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