Collapse of Health Care in Bosnia, Patients receive Infusion in a cold Tent without a Blanket




Scenes recorded by Ibrahim Hodzic in front of the Health Center in Busovaca after his father received infusion in a tent in front of the health institution, provoked reactions of public in Bosnia and Herzegovina. In an interview for Klix.ba, he explained the details that preceded the tears and unexperienced mental pain.

Hodzic, who is a professor of Arabic language, theology and pedagogy by profession, said at the beginning of the conversation that he wants to be an exemplary citizen and does not want to be “above” someone, but that he wants to tell his story so that not only his father but other citizens would not experience ever a similar situation.

“I live in Vitez, and my father in Busovaca, where he is also insured. Three or four nights ago, he called us (Brother and Ibrahim), because he lives alone, after which his brother drove him to the ambulance. He had a fever, but they gave him painkillers in the clinic. Ten days ago we were at the Oncology in Sarajevo where we were told that everything was fine, and in addition to painkillers that night they gave my father a referral to the hospital, “says Hodzic.

He added that he immediately took his father to the hospital in Travnik, where the surgeon examined him and said that everything was fine and that there was no need to stay in the hospital.

“The doctor sent us back to the clinic to take infusion, and when we arrived in Busovaca again it was cold, probably five degrees, my father kept saying he was cold, and I told him at one point not to worry that he would certainly not be received in the tent but inside the room. However, a guy I was a professor to came out of, a wonderful man, he met us in front of the clinic and told us to wait. He invited us to the tent. I said it was cold, that it was only five degrees outside, and they turned on the heater, which could not help the sick man, “Hodzic added, visibly shaken.

He points out that at that moment, his father repeated through tears that he was cold, after which he covered him with his jacket because the ambulance did not have blankets, except for the one he was lying on, for patients who receive in the tent and provide care.

“I never saw him cry, but that night his tears hit me,” Hodzic concluded.

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