One of the best Jumpers, Mirsad Deda Pasic, dies at the Age of 75

The legendary jumper, one of the best in the history of jumping from the Old Bridge, Mirsad Deda Pasic, died on Friday morning in Mostar at the age of 75. This information was confirmed to Avaz by Lorens Listo, multiple champion of jumps, in front of the Club of divers “Mostari”, of which Pasic was a long-term member.

The popular Deda will remain listed as the most successful jumper in the history of Mostar in the leg jump category. He was unrivalled in jumping to his feet from Tito’s and the Old Bridge, and his famous “barbell”, a style that no one performs today, left many breathless.

In more than half a century of his jumping career, he recorded an impressive number of over 10 thousand jumps in Neretva river. He won first place 11 times, three times second and twice third. For years, he was a member of the jury of traditional jumps from the Old Bridge. Funeral for Mirsad Dedo Pasic will be held tomorrow in Sarica harem in Mostar.

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