Council of Europe will carry out a Remote Observation Procedure of Local Elections in BiH


The Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of the Council of Europe will carry out a remote observation procedure, on 29 and 30 October, for the local elections set to take place in Bosnia and Herzegovina on 15 November 2020, in response to an invitation from the country’s authorities.

This new remote format has been introduced as a temporary procedure in exceptional situations, such as the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, on the basis of Congress Resolution 455 (2020)adopted by the Statutory Forum as part of the broader debate on the Congress’ report on Local and Regional Elections in Major Crisis Situations.

The delegation comprises the Congress members represented on the Council for Democratic Elections/Venice Commission, including Mr Stewart DICKSON (United Kingdom, ILDG), Mr Jos WIENEN (Netherlands, PPC/CCE), Ms Rosaleen O’GRADY (Ireland, ILDG), Mr Vladimir PREBILIC (Slovenia, SOC/G/PD) and Ms Randi MONDORF (Denmark, ILDG). The team will be supported by Mr Colin COPUS, member of the Group of Independent Experts on the European Charter of Local Self-Government.

On 29 October, the Congress delegation will hold several online briefings with stakeholders in the election process, in particular with Mr Željko BAKALAR, President of the Central Election Commission of BiH, as well as with representatives of the international community in Sarajevo, the Association of local authorities of Republika Srpska, the Association of municipalities and cities of the Federation of BiH, and the media. On 30 October, online meetings are planned with Mr Marinko ČAVARA, Head of BiH Delegation to Council of Europe and President of the Federation of BiH and the members of the Congress Delegation to BiH, as well as with mayoral candidates and representatives of political parties running in the elections. Furthermore, online briefings with representatives of several domestic NGOs have been arranged.

In line with the said Congress Resolution, co-operation with domestic observers will be upgraded in order to support the virtual mission and provide first-hand information on the events on the Election Day.

On the basis of the details and data gathered during the remote observation procedure, an information report will be prepared and submitted to the Congress Bureau at its meeting on 11 February 2021.

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