Prohibitive Measures imposed to One Person for War Crimes against Civilians


On 19 October 2020 the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina issued a decision terminating the pre-trial custody of the accused Adem Kostjerevac, which had been ordered by Court’s Decision of 19 June 2020, and imposed on him the following prohibitive measures: ban on leaving the place of residence under Article 126(1) of the Criminal Procedure Code of BiH (CPC BiH), within which the accused’s movement is limited exclusively to the municipality of Hadžići, which he must not leave without prior consent from the Court, unless the reason for leaving home is to appear in this criminal matter upon Court’s or Prosecution’s summons. Also imposed on the accused is the measure of travel ban under Article 126(2) CPC BiH; for the purpose of execution of this measure the Court has seized his valid travel documents – passports, issued to the name of the accused Adem Kostjerevac, while the issuance of new passports is forbidden, as is the use of ID to cross the state border.

A third imposed measure is mandatory reporting to the relevant state authority under Article 126.a(1)d) CPC BiH, in the manner that he will report once a week to the Hadžići Police Station, on which the PS will regularly inform the Court of BiH in writing.

These measures will remain in effect for as long as necessary, but not longer than the moment when the accused is possibly committed to serve his prison sentence or pending a different decision of the Court. The necessity of keeping the prohibitive measures in place will be controlled on a bi-monthly basis. The accused is warned that he may be remanded in custody if he violates the obligations specified under the imposed prohibitive measures.

The Indictment charges the accused Adem Kostjerevac with the criminal offense of War Crimes against Civilians under Article 142(1) CC SFRY.

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