Indirect Taxation Authority of BiH confiscated a Large Quantity of cut Tobacco

Authorized officials of the Indirect Taxation Authority in the municipality of Samac confiscated a large quantity of cut tobacco without excise stamps and a machine for cutting tobacco, the ITA BiH stated on Wednesday.

As stated in the statement, the total value of the temporarily seized goods is estimated at 35,000 BAM.

“Officers of the Group for the Prevention of Smuggling and Misdemeanors from the regional center of the ITA Banja Luka performed control activities in Obudovac, Samac municipality, where they confiscated the excise goods that were not marked with ITA excise stamps in accordance with the Law on Excise Duties in BiH “, it was explained in the announcement.

During the control, a machine was found, which, according to the statement of the natural person, is used for cutting tobacco, and for which it also did not have any documentation on the origin.

“On that occasion, it was determined that the person does not even have the approval from the competent ministry for tobacco production, so the goods in question were temporarily confiscated,” it was added.

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