Krivic: We expect the First Signals regarding the Closure of Schools in Sarajevo

The Minister of Education, Science and Youth of the Sarajevo Canton, Anis Krivic, told “Avaz” that about 40 students are infected with the coronavirus, as well as about 30 teachers.

”Considering that we have 51,000 students and 5,110 teachers in CS, the CS Crisis Staff concluded that these numbers are very favorable as a result of applying a combined model of teaching, which we managed to prevent the mass spread of the virus in our schools. It enables us to successfully maintain continuity in CS, but the quality of teaching is certainly questionable and that is what we are working on now,” said Krivic.

He added that he is in constant communication with the CS Crisis Staff and the CS Public Health Institute, saying that they expect the first signals from them regarding the closure of schools.

”Currently, we do not intend to close schools but follow the protocol on how to act in case of coronavirus symptoms. condition, with whom the student was in contact and decides whether one class, one shift or the whole school will go into self-isolation. To date, we have not had cases of closing entire schools except in preschool education. Decisions concerning epidemiological measures are left exclusively to the profession. CS is completely ready for the realization of intensive online teaching,” Krivic pointed out.

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