BiH Defense Minister met with Military Attaché of the Republic of North Macedonia


Defense Minister of Bosnia and Herzegovina Sifet Podzic met on Friday with the Military Attaché of the Republic of North Macedonia, Brigadier Donce Kuzmanov, in a farewell visit and congratulated him on the full membership of the Republic of North Macedonia in NATO.

They discussed bilateral defense cooperation between Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Republic of Northern Macedonia, and stated that it is being implemented in accordance with the Memorandum of Understanding between the two ministries and the annual plans for bilateral military cooperation.

The interlocutors pointed out several most important areas within which a high degree of cooperation has been achieved, which primarily refers to the training of pilots from the BiH Armed Forces at the Pilot Training Center of the Republic of North Macedonia, where the focus is on flight simulator training.

The activity of training cadets at the Military Academy of the Army of the Republic of North Macedonia was also emphasized, where a total of 12 cadets have completed their training so far and where 14 more are in training.

The officials also emphasized the support of the BiH Ministry of Defense to the Public Affairs Regional Center (PARC), through the engagement of BiH trainers and certified instructors, as well as sending BiH members to this type of training, and one of the forms of cooperation is instructors and participants from North Macedonia in the Peace Support Operations Training Center (PSOTC) of the Armed Forces of BiH, the Ministry of Defense of BiH stated in the press release.

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