What is the worth of the Expensive Ferrari imported in BiH amid Pandemic?


While the crisis caused by the coronavirus epidemic is shaking the majority of citizens, there are also those in Bosnia and Herzegovina who are ready to give the real wealth for some of their desires. Thus, in BiH, and when the coronavirus has already arrived in our country, the most expensive four-wheeler was imported years ago, which costs around 622,000 BAM , reports Avaz.

It is a “Ferrari 488 PISTA (Type F142)”, worth 531,985 BAM, while import duties amounted to 90,459 BAM, according to the Indirect Taxation Authority of BiH.

The price of this car is roughly equivalent to 650 average salaries, which means you would have to work 54 years to raise that money.

In the second place of the most expensive cars imported during the epidemic is “Lamborghini Type: URUS”, which cost 466,661 BAM, and the duties amounted to 79,417 BAM.

Taking into account the period from 2014 to the end of August this year, the third most expensive car imported into BiH is the “Porsche-911 GT2 / KUPE”, worth 443,175 marks, plus 75,363 BAM of import duties.

It is the most expensive car imported to BiH during 2018. The ten most expensive cars that were imported from April to August 2020, with import duties, cost around 3.67 million BAM. On the other hand, the top 10 most expensive four-wheelers imported in the same period last year cost 3.63 million BAM.

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