17,000 BAM collected for Girl Merjem and Three Other Children

In the humanitarian action “Race for Life”, which was successfully realized in the organization of the Open Network and the Olympic Center Jahorina, on February 24th, a total of 17,000 BAM was collected to save the children from the Open Network program.

“This is a great day for Jahorina, I’m overjoyed to be the host where you made a contribution to our little Merjem because she can only with our help overcome the situation she is in and continue with normal life and wishful thinking,” said Director of Jahorina Olympic Center Dejan Ljevnaic.

He thanked all those who contributed in any way to the project and expressed gratitude to all those who attended the race or otherwise helped.

The humane side of Jahorina was completely revealed on Sunday, when more than 70 contestants came down on the slopes, with a single goal, which is to support life and spread the true values of charity, goodness and humanity.

Jahorina trails were full and those who gave their support by buying specially designed T-shirts and bracelets of the humanitarian “Race for Life”.


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