The Recommendations are not followed, the Epidemiological Situation has worsened in BiH

Minister of Health and Social Protection of the Republika Srpska, Alen Seranic, assessed that the epidemiological situation regarding the coronavirus has worsened in recent days, considering that three-digit numbers of newly infected persons are being recorded.

Seranic emphasized that the situation is identical in the region and Europe, and reiterated that wearing a protective mask and keeping a physical distance are still the best prevention, Dnevni Avaz reports.

He stated that the authorities are especially monitoring the local communities in which the number of infected people is increasing, with Banja Luka and Pale leading the way.

“The causes of the jump in the number of infected people, specifically in Pale, are non-compliance with the measures of the Republic Emergency Situations Headquarters, whether it is wearing masks or inappropriate behavior that is not in line with the recommended when it comes to marking certain events,” said Seranic.

He added that Banja Luka is a city with a higher level of activity and that with colder weather, people are more indoors and less open space is used for any type of activity, so that has an impact on the spread of the virus.

According to him, the focus of the authorities is on the work of the education system, but also on the economy, and talks are being held with the Ministry of Education and Culture, the Pedagogical Institute, and the Union of Employers’ Associations on implementing recommended measures for efficient functioning of these areas.

”When we talk about the health care system, our focus is on hospitals and the number of people who come to health care institutions due to complications from the virus,” Seranic emphasized.

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