Council of Ministers brings New Decision for Entrance in BiH with ID Cards


In the middle of last month, the Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina passed a decision according to which citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina who enter their country without a passport will be issued a misdemeanor order, ie they will have to pay 200 BAM.

“This is the result of the decision of the Council of Ministers made on September 16, which derogated the previously made decision on the conditions of entry of foreigners into BiH. The previous decision clearly stated that BiH citizens can enter the territory of their country with the presentation of an ID card. This does not apply only to those who have dual citizenship, but in general to all BiH citizens who may not have a valid travel document, and have an identity card, they are allowed to enter BiH, but they then fall under the provisions of the Law on Travel Documents and they are committing a misdemeanor, so they are issued a misdemeanor warrant accordingly, “Svevlad Hoffman, advisor to the director of the BiH Border Police, told

The new rule came into force in mid-September. According to the Law on Identity Card, BiH citizens can use it to cross the state border in certain circumstances and under the conditions determined by the international agreement of BiH with other countries.

“This decision does not apply to those countries with which BiH has an agreement on mutual recognition of identity cards, for those countries the same regime remains in force. “These are mostly people with dual citizenship who come from EU countries, so it is mostly a provision that can be said to affect our diaspora the most,” Hoffman concluded.

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