Selector of BiH Football National Team Bajevic announced his Resignation

Before tomorrow’s match against the Netherlands on Bilino Polje in Zenica, the selector of the football  national team of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Dusan Bajevic, said that all players know what awaits them. He said that there will be new names, other players who will be given a chance and whom he believes can help the BiH national team.

An official press conference was held on Saturday in the building of the Football Association of BiH (Nogometni Savez BiH) before the match of the third round of Group 1 of the UEFA A League of Nations between BiH and the Netherlands, which is scheduled for Sunday at 6 pm at the stadium “Bilino polje” Zenica.

Coach Dusan Bajevic also commented on the defeat by Northern Ireland, saying that the boys did their best. When asked if he sees himself longer as the selector of BiH national team, Bajevic answered: “My goal is to finish this as best I can, and later the national team will have the new coach it wants. I am there available for any help I need. I think there are extremely good and ambitious coaches who can lead the national team. ”

Referring to the match against the Netherlands, Bajevic said that all players know what awaits them.

“I think all the players know what awaits them against the Netherlands. We will try to play every game as good as possible. We are not giving up and we are moving on, “Bajevic said.

Asked whether BiH would be satisfied with the point, he stated that every result except the defeat is satisfactory.

“A possible point against the Netherlands can be good, because we have to win next week in Poland. We have a lot of players who have been here for a long time, they also had problems in the beginning around gathering players. We have injured players who are quite tired, others have some injuries that we do not know if we will be able to heal by tomorrow, but there will be new names, other players who will be given a chance and who we believe can help the BiH national team “, concluded Bajevic, BHRT reports.

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