Vote of No Confidence to Government of Canton Sarajevo?

Eighteen representatives of the so called Catlition Four submitted a request on Friday to convene a session of the Assembly of the Sarajevo Canton (CS), at which a vote of no confidence in the current CS Government should be taken. The request was signed by a total of 18 MPs from Narod i pravde party, SDP BiH, Nasa stranka and NBL. Also, Aljosa Campara from the SDA party put his signature, Vijesti.ba news portal reports.

In a statement entitled “We do not dismiss the government because we can, but because we have to”, the new parliamentary majority pointed out that the CS government in all segments of its activities has shown immaturity to the challenges that citizens face.

“We have been without the Minister of Health and the Minister of Labor, Social Policy, Refugees and Displaced Persons for months. We have been beheaded in the two main departments for combating the consequences of the pandemic. Our education is still in the experimental phase, and the online circumstances in which teaching takes place are understood as a justification for not working instead of as an opportunity to improve the entire teaching process,” is stated.

They added that young people are leaving, and we are threatened by a demographic catastrophe, and this government has reduced the subsidy for the first purchase of an apartment from ten thousand BAM to two thousand BAM, which means that young people cannot repay a single square meter of living space. There is no improvement of the traffic infrastructure or renewal of the water supply and sewerage network. The struggle for cleaner air is forgotten. Instead of depoliticizing the civil service, the Anti-Corruption Office registered suspicious, political employments in Canton institutions in September.

Parliamentary procedures for political action are not respected and are ridiculed. All of the above, but also much more, is the reason for us to submit a request for the removal of the Government of the Sarajevo Canton.

”We 18 MPs belong to different ideological orientations. However, the situation we find ourselves in goes beyond the usual political struggle and we must be united in it. It is about restoring dignity and responsibility to political action in Sarajevo Canton. The problem of the current government is not only that it works badly, but that it often does not work at all or works to the detriment of citizens. This is what is unacceptable in normal and especially in the circumstances in which we live,” the statement concludes.

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