Oscar winner Leonardo DiCaprio calls to Salvation of Rivers in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Well-known actor and Oscar winner Leonardo DiCaprio posted on his Instagram and Facebook profile, and quoted the views of Federal Prime Minister Fadil Novalic and his support for environmental NGOs in the fight for rivers in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

”As a result of the global campaign launched last week calling on the government of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina to permanently protect the country’s last wild rivers from small hydropower projects and the local protests that followed, the Federation Prime Minister Mr. Fadil Novalic issued a public statement in support of the protests: “I personally support environmental NGOs. As a great lover of nature, I will always support conservation projects. I think clean rivers are more important to us than electricity. We are probably the only country in the region that is energy independent, we get enough energy from other sources. We must keep our rivers clean and pass them on to future generations,” DiCaprio wrote on Wednesday.

Bosnia and Herzegovina rivers are facing imminent destruction due to 463 small hydropower projects currently under construction or being planned. The federation needs to take swift action now—like we’ve done in the United States with the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act—to permanently protect the most biodiverse rivers remaining in Europe, a lifeline for local communities and many endangered species that the world otherwise risks losing, he added.


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