Stone Ball weighting over Ton found near Srebrenica

The village of Luka is more than 50 kilometers away from the center of Srebrenica. It is the furthest from the center of the village, known for its heavy snow and impassable roads in the winter. In addition, this mountain place, as well as the neighboring village of Krusev Dol, is rich in natural resources. A few days ago, a stone ball similar to the ones discovered in Zavidovici a few years ago was discovered in Luka.

”Quite by accident, the ball was discovered, we dug it up a bit. Nobody knew about it, we asked the elders if they knew anything about it. It is quite large, it is certainly close to a ton. We did not move it, because it cannot be moved manually,”  Ibro Mujic, a resident of the village, said for Anadolu Agency.

He adds that many were surprised when they heard that a stone ball had been discovered in Luka, Avaz reports.

”When people heard that, they became interested. Maybe this is natural, maybe someone carved it, who will know, but it’s interesting. Maybe someone should investigate. If it is natural, it is also a phenomenon,” said Mujic.

”We have beautiful places to rest the soul. People started visiting, especially mountaineers. Many did not know how rich and beautiful this area is, so when they come they are thrilled. All this is mostly untouched nature, unexplored. Colorful beech is one of the most famous places in this area and beyond. From there, there is a fantastic view. A place that is beautiful and interesting in itself,” MujiC points out.

How has the stone ball formed is not known, but Luka is a place where stećak tombstones can be found. There is a necropolis in the village where more than 30 stećak tombstones can be seen. 

(Photo: Anadolu Agency)

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